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CBS podcast Indianapolis USA  


Warren RodwellWarren R RodwellWarren Rodwell


Radio-National ABC

A national interview program, SUNDAY PROFILE focuses on key issues in Australia, providing listeners with detailed analysis of stories, background information, and key interviews with major players. Listen to Warren Rodwell  interview on Australian ABC National Radio  24:29 minutes


There are approximately 50 videos of Warren Rodwell included on the webpage The following HOSTAGE SURVIVOR ( Warren Rodwell ) gives a brief, broad overview …



Warren Rodwell, longest held Australian captive outside war time. Set to R & B / Soul music “Let’s Do It” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena. For more WR, click …


Today Channel 9

HOSTAGE HELL : Warren Rodwell feature – Channel 7 TODAY TONIGHT current affairs TV programme – Australia. There was once a time when Australians were welcome anywhere in the world – not any more. One Australian has the mental and physical scars to prove that. David Richardson reports.  [8 minutes 19 seconds]

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 Warren Rodwell ABC TV

 LET IT GO  It’s All Happening by Huma-Huma  Alternative & Punk music


  1. Hardcopy or Kindle Book Editions

    There was a media blackout imposed by both the Australian and Philippine governments. However, full details surrounding the kidnapping of Warren Rodwell in Mindanao are available in hardcover and Kindle book form.

    NON FICTION BOOK (Biography) by Bob East PhD (Independent Researcher) (2015) :
    “472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf – The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell”

  2. Dedicated server

    I just have so much to say, I just need to make a separate post. This was such a good interview, once again. Thanks to Mr. Rodwell for sharing his story and for being a total bad ass. Looking forward to reading his book.


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