Australian Government Volunteer Award

Certificate awarded in recognition of commitment and dedication to the community within the federal division of Oxley, Queensland Australia

Warren Rodwell

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Congratulations to you for receiving an Australian Government Volunteer Award. The Australia Government thanks you for your outstanding contribution to the local community as a volunteer. We thank you for your commitment and dedication. Your contribution to our community is highly valued.

Warren Rodwell ABC TV


1-- Never Ever Give Up Hope Warren RodwellCarol Graham

Never Ever Give Up …. Stories of Ordinary People Who Have Experienced the Extraordinary . Renown psychologist / author Carol Graham ( USA ) interviews Warren R Rodwell ( Australia ) . When asked how he ever survived, Mr Rodwell responded with “resilience, adaptability, versatility, pragmatism, perseverance, and a dry sense of humor”

H.O.P.E. Here’s One Possible Expectation

You can listen here to his story of how he escaped what he thought was certain death and how he stayed sane http://neverevergiveuphopenet.blogspot.com.au/2016/05/hope-heres-one-possible-expectation.html

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