Australian Prime Minister satisfied

MATTER RESOLVED  BY PM TURNBULL ~ The attention of the incumbent Australian Prime Minister was respectfully drawn to “Australian Victim of Terrorism Overseas Payment” (see link below). It provides assistance for Australians affected by acts of terrorism overseas that are declared by the incumbent Prime Minister …

Refer to the Attorney-General’s office regarding the Warren Rodwell request for declaration of a terrorist “act” in accordance with Section 100.1(1) of the Criminal Code 1995.

Human Services & Warren Rodwell …. one of the longest held Australian captives outside war.

Threatened with beheading, starved and held hostage for 472 days, but government won’t ….

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Warren Rodwell (Mindanao 2013) and Peter Greste (Egypt 2015)

Warren RodwellWarren Rodwell - Peter Greste