Is the Australian Prime Minister satisfied ?

The attention of the Australian Prime Minister is respectfully drawn to “Australian Victim of Terrorism Overseas Payment” (see link below) It is a one-off payment to provide assistance for Australians affected by acts of terrorism overseas that are declared by the incumbent Prime Minister …

Please refer to the Attorney-General’s office regarding the Warren Rodwell request for declaration of a terrorist “act” in accordance with Section 100.1(1) of the Criminal Code 1995.

Human Services & Warren Rodwell …. The longest held Australian captive outside war.


Warren RodwellHuman Services & Warren Rodwell

Threatened with beheading, starved and held hostage for 472 days, but government won’t ….


- a first casualty of warWarren Rodwell



Warren Rodwell and Peter Greste



Warren RodwellWarren Rodwell - Peter Greste

Warren Rodwell 1eWarren Rodwell